Caduceus Lane
(kuh-doo-see-uhs leyn)

“A Pioneer Brand inspired by CADUCEUS ‘the familiar Symbol of Medicine in Greek Mythology’, developed to symbolize our Core identity in serving Strategic Healthcare Marketing Consultation for Healthcare Industries.

As a Genuine Healthcare Marketing Company, The Caduceus was the choice to have a shared identity among us ‘The Professionals of Healthcare Industries’ to develop a Specialized Marketing LANEamong the general marketing and advertising agencies in the market - to serve your Healthcare Business Marketing requirements.”

Caduceus Lane is a leading entrepreneurial company that serves specialized Marketing solutions for a very specialized sector – Healthcare Industries. A ‘Pioneer Networking Business Model’ that creates high quality Marketing Solutions tailored through extended networks across GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Europe.

Caduceus Lane Business Model serves as a major asset in creating a differential standard of service individualized for each business partner. Our pioneer model was created to deliver strengths of Flexibility, Individualization and better Customer Need-Value Alignment.

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