Comprehensive Services
( Healthcare Marketing One Stop Shop )

Caduceus Lane was established on three main broad service areas that would be complimentary to each other and might be serving a wider range of combined tailored services.

Healthcare Marketing Consultation

We believe you are the expert in your business and accordingly what it requires. As per your understanding of your business current marketing needs, Caduceus Lane would have the pleasure to be invited to land to your existing business platform.

Caduceus Lane’s Business Model is flexible enough to serve the healthiest level of involvement to your business - It’s Your choice. Caduceus Lane’s collaborative options range from Individual Consultation projects and Marketing Platform Development (Short-Term) up to being your Extended Marketing Department (Long-Term).

Caduceus Lane’s Healthcare Marketing Consultation scope would include:

Business Situation Analysis and Brand Study
Marketing Strategies Formulation
Marketing Planning and Execution
Branding and Promotional Strategies
Artwork Development and Production
Awareness Campaigns ( Development and Execution )
Customer/Patient Loyalty Programs
Professional Networks Modelling
Outsourcing Management

Marketing Consultation Collaborative Options:

1. Project Based consultation
2. Marketing Platform Development (Short-Term)
3. Completely Outsourced Marketing Department (Long-Term)

Healthcare Branding and Advertisement

Visualizing your marketing and branding directions is a very important step that would translate your strategic aspiration into a customer perspective appeal. The execution of the marketing and branding tools mostly would be a turning point to have an effective or ineffective deliverance of your brand to the market especially within a highly regulated industry with special professional language like Healthcare.

Healthcare Branding

Brand Structuring Strategies
Brand Architecture and Visual Devices Development
Conversion of Scientific Data (e.g. Studies) into Marketing Campaigns

Healthcare Advertising

Advertisement and Promotion Planning
Advertising Creative Conceptualization
Media Advertisement Management :
- Printable Media (e.g. Journals, Magazines…)
- Online Media (e.g. Website, Social Media…)
- Indoors Advertising (e.g. Exhibiting Stands, Roll ups…)
- Out Doors Advertising (e.g. Billboards, Vehicles Ads…)

Healthcare Communications

Healthcare Public Relations (PR) Management
Medical Content Management (Specialized Healthcare)
Scientific Studies analysis into Marketing Campaigns

Healthcare Marketing and Communication Tools

Visualizing your Marketing strategies into creative marketing and communication tools would have a higher probability of effectiveness if it is built hand in hand with Marketing and Creative professionals specialized in your industry. Healthcare Industry understanding would be extending beyond Medical language and terms to industry requirements and regulations plus most importantly the psychology of choice of your target segment when it comes to your offered Healthcare service or product.

Healthcare Visual Communications (3D Animations)

3D Pharmaceutical Demonstration Videos
3D Medical Educational Animations
3D Patient Experience Videos
3D Healthcare Awareness Videos
Live Videos

Visit Caduceus Lane’s Sample Animations Page

Healthcare Marketing and Promotional Materials

Conceptualization, Designing and Production
Promotional Brochures, Fliers…
Patient Educational Materials
Medical Demonstrations
Events Promotional Materials (e.g. Stands, Roll ups…)

Healthcare Online Existence

Healthcare Website Development
Online Marketing Campaigns development
Social Media Existence Support

Healthcare Education and Awareness

Marketing Campaigns Development
Patient Awareness Campaigns
Awareness PR activities
Educational and Awareness Events support

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