Caduceus Lane is a Genuine Healthcare Marketing Brand established upon authentic value pillars

1. Specialization

Incorporating a deeper understanding of the area served through accelerated acquired experience and the accustomed practicality in cases handling

Genuine Healthcare Marketing Company ( Not a division of a general Marketing / advertising company ).

Better understanding of your Healthcare / Medical Business Nature, Language and Regulations.

Your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all Healthcare Marketing and Advertising requirements.

2. Diversified Expertise

A better understanding of the nature of Healthcare industry changes as well as its future prospect formulated Caduceus Lane’s belief: ‘shared experiences to serve a shared objective’.

Healthcare Experienced professionals ( Combined Medical and Marketing background ).

3. Pioneer Network Business Model

Originated from a real understanding of the role Marketing and Advertising in Healthcare Industries ( i.e. Right Channels, Regulations, Product/Service Complexity, Budgeting… ).

‘A Highly Flexible Model’ to serve your business requirement with added Privileges ( i.e. pass our internal privileges to you through providing multiple tailored options in regard to Quality, Budget… ).

Structure: Ensures your business would be managed through Mid/Higher management ( i.e. you won’t deal with Basic Functions directly e.g. sales, designing… ).

4. Individualized Partnership

Tailored Efforts Invested in understanding your Business.

dded-Values are developed to serve your own business needs ( no business templates ).

Our Partners share us our Privileges that we have through our extended partnerships e.g. Company Rates ( advertising… ).

5. Pioneer Concepts Adoption

Caduceus Lane embraces the value of adopting new concepts from other industries, modifying and developing them to serve the Special Nature of the Healthcare Industry to create a Differential Market Presence.

Adopt Modify Develop

6. Examined Results orientation

Marketing Management is a business domain & business is all about results. Each step forward is guided by professional Measurements and Metrics.

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